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End the Frustration!


You have bought a great product from Seagate / Lacie. The GoFlex Satellite? Wireless Plus ? Lacie Fuel? We must admit that the product is really nice. In theory, We could have a 500GB/1TB/2TB iPad. All our music, movies, documents are easily accessible via WiFi and we could even allow a few more friends to access it. We could even use our DNLA compatible Media Player / TV to stream movies from it.


So what’s the problem then? Why do we want to “hack” it ?


Have you tried copying lots of media into the hard drive and it does not show up in the Seagate  App? Your Seagate App keeps telling you that you have lost the connection to it and then you are unable to join the WiFi that the Wireless Drive has created?


How about bringing your iTunes Server everywhere you go with you?*


Wished that the photos that you take with your Camera using the EyeFi X2 Card could be uploaded automatically into your Wireless Drive ? **


Upload RAW images to your Wireless Drive and preview on them ?


Have you ever thought of bringing the entire Wikipedia with you on the road ? The Kiwix project allows you to do so and Kiwix is available on our mod firmware. 


It is all these pains that we were encountering from Seagate and Lacie that prompted the team to do something. Something that we hope you will appreciate our efforts in doing so.


In Nov 2015, the team has expanded our V4 interface onto the Western Digital's awesome MyPassport Wireless Drive. We maintain WD's awesome work and just snap onto what's we felt could be better.

In Nov 2016, we released our best product with the ability to add plugins for the new WD MyPassport Wireless Pro drive. This same drive has so much great stuff that we can continue to develop on.


We love to hear your thoughts on what we have done. Email us @


* Usable on DAAP App. (iTunes 12 not supported)

** For Seagate / Lacie LIV4 Mod only. WD has SD Card Slot for import.




What does the default factory firmware give you ? Find out more here.


Add-Ons that our CORE Upgrade brings to you while maintaining the Seagate's Factory Interface.


Something that we are proud of with lots of projects integration and our own interface. 

Now with WD Support for both Wireless and WirelessPro!

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