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Seagate Factory Firmware


The seagate app is an optional app that you can use with your Seagate Wireless Drive or Lacie Fuel that provides a native feel to the entire system.


When you join your Tablet or Computer to the Wireless Drive's WiFi network. It routes all addresses to itself. This means if you type in your web browser, it will still be routed to it's webpage which is on and that presents you with their seagate default interface. If you are on the Seagate Wireless Drive, the banner bar is in green (Seagate's Corporate color) while the Lacie Users would see the same app but the banner in blue (Lacie's Corporate color)


So What can you do with the standard firmware ? Well, essentially what seagate advertised it to do : 


  • It allows from 3-7 users to connect to it depending on drive model

  • It can sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • It supports DLNA so that your SmartTV can stream from it

  • It supports Samba connectivity so that windows can connect to it over wireless and map it as a drive. Check out their official article here.

  • It supports WebDAV connectivity as well. Simply connect to on port 80 with no authentication and the directory is Webdav-01. See example here

  • It can join an existing WiFi so that the next time you are in the same area with the same SSID name, it will connect and join to it automatically.



That's simply all it does. 


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