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"This amazing piece of hardware certainly gets the BEST Mod! "

We have had our WD Wireless Pro drive for about awhile now and i must admin that the changes on this SWEET piece of hardware is simply AWESOME!!!.

WD has really done a GREAT JOB in providing a very good balance of function and improvability.

With that we have also had to make some adjustments to how we are making our modifications. And i'll start this post with that.
Actually, there are only two main user adjustments. (1) It is that to the interface will no longer be through port 80, but through port 8810. i.e. https://mypassport.local:8810. This is to maintain general feature compatibility with the control and setup functions provided by WD, coz they have done such a great job, it would have been a shame to re-create everything that they did. (2) If you saw it above, you would see that you have to use HTTPS. This is not only for security reasons but also for better compatibility when we integrate with external services that requires HTTPS.

In general, all other elements of the interface stays the same. 
As a preview to the list of new functions, i have placed them here. Do note that these are previews. the actual release might have some minor changes.. but hey.... this is a preview.

For the browsing interface 
- Clean up of titles of the interface to dedicate more of the viewing area for the files
- fixes for large and small icon thumbnails to be able to view files in the right aspect ratio.
- separated folder actions and general functions of the interface
- added capability to copy and paste files/folders. large files/folders will take a while. highly discouraged for large folders
- brought back the Media Player function with better fixes and integration
- some general increase in the number of files to show in a page due to more powerful hardware
- brought back the ability to shutdown/reboot directly from the interface
- *New full drive search function. indexes the entire drive under Data folder and helps you find stuff quickly. (indexing takes a while. we tested about 1TB worth of files in about 10 minutes, but YMMV.)
- *New Get Info function for files which will allow the fetching of TV or Movie information if the format of the filenames are right.
- *New Get Info for Photos and Zip files
- *New Ability to provide information based on Exiftool.
- *New If a photo provides GPS information in the EXIF, a link is provided to google maps if the drive is online.
- *New introduced a new modular feature list that would display new add-on plugins if you download and install them (more on this later)
- *New NTP setup to sync the time accurately for the drive when online

On the Back end - New Plugin based model
We have revamped the backend model such that it makes it easier for us to support and roll out new features. This means that the main mod install will only contain what is critical. Plugins are then installed to extend the usage based on your own needs. Some of the changes listed below
- Provided an improved copy of VI (VIM to be exact). This makes editing on the drive SO MUCH better
- Modern Perl implementation, rebuilt just for the WD Pro. Makes things faster and more capable overall.
- *New settings model for various additional functions we provide. New integrated plugins can be installed and removed. This will show itself on the new dropdown menus. These individual menu items will provide its own settings for what it does.

Plugins :-
here are some of the plugins we have provided so far. do remember that some of these are work of others and we are merely re-purposing it so that it can run well on the WD Pro. we do provide the links to their projects. do support them too. Some of which, we have, of course, developed on our own.
- Dropbox sync - Syncing of files to and from your dropbox account
- Evernote - Backup of notes and attachments from your evernote account
- Rsync over SSH - bulk sync of data from compatible machines into the WD Pro (we have always had the capability for this but this is our first attempt to make a GUI for it)
- Shellinabox - Web based SSH system so that you can do things on the drive just via a web browser
- Kiwix Wikipedia - offline wikipedia so that you can carry the worlds knowledge with you
- MyWebSQL DB - a front end for Database browsing. specifically good for SQLite databases as we don't have MYSQL on the WD Pro.
- Boxcutter iTunes Import script - a modified perl script which allows the importing of iTunes playlist
- Transmission BitTorrent - BitTorrent client to download BT directly on the WD Pro

For Power Users :-
If you are comfortable with the command line, we have compiled some tools/plugins to make the drive does stuff even better. Their project homepage are located in their respective README files.
- Tmux - run multiple shells and detach them to the background so you can have long running jobs
- Emacs - Another powerful editor
- Rclone - A powerful console based sync engine that syncs to google drive, Amazon etc etc.
- Java - Oracle Java - remember to download and accept their license agreement
- elinks - a console based web browser. compiled to also support simple javascript. not meant for super complex web pages!

We have tested and used our selves the following workflows for road warriors like us.. and when you are connected to a network (or if internet is required too). this is not all inclusive but to help understand what can be done.
1) Sending a file to the drive.
- WebDAV
- Web Browser
- Dropbox - setup to sync a folder in dropbox every half hour.
2) Sending a note to the drive (e.g. sending PDFs Travel Plans or syncing the entire notebook)
- Evernote - setup to sync only a special tag e.g. WirelessDrive and setup to sync every half hour.
3) Sending Photos or iTunes library to the drive
- Rsync over SSH with 2 different configurations for iTunes and photos. Run when needed
4) Listening to iTunes Playlist/Library on the WD Pro
- Boxcutter setup to point to the right iTunes Playlist files. and import. Copy to Media Player
5) Entertainment - Watching HD movies or MKVs
- Direct FTP connection with iPad and NPlayer App
6) Downloading Bittorrents to watch movies
- Transmission to download the movies
- Get Info to get the show synopsis
- Direct FTP connection with iPad and Player App
7) Backing up photos taken from a Mobile Device when holidaying
- PhotoSync with FTP (best app! they preserve the EXIF information! unlike iPhoto!)
8) Showing Photos to friends and family
- Rsync photo library (or dropbox or anything)
- Generate Previews (will auto generate all previews in the sub folder tree.. this can take a while)
- Web browser to show
9) Backing up photos (RAW or JPGs) from a camera while travelling
- SD Card with the WDPro.
- Generate Previews
10) Saving travel plans for emergencies
- Evernote Sync (Hotel information, transport connections)
- PDF upload into drive (e.g. Visas)

and many many more.... the gist of it, get the files in there, and carry it with you. Work, Entertainment, Travel, Emergencies.

attached are some screenshots.

We hope you will enjoy the use of our mod on this new drive as much as we do. It is available NOW! 

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