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We are a Team of Singaporean Geeks who were upset with Seagate's great product but poor software which resulted in the team exploring further and started writting our own.

In 2011, The team bought their first Seagate GoFlex Satellite since it was the first of its kind. It was then the software of the product that prompted the team to do somthing about it.....Here we are now...after many years and still supporting Seagate with its new products.



We started off trying to figure out WHY did the WiFi of the Wireless Drive kept getting disconnected. It was then discovered that the software architecture of the Seagate Software that had overloaded the hardware capabilities of the drive. We had to shutdown that process which resulted in us disabling their application and interface. 


We first released V1 of our work that allowed SFTP, SSH and FTP to work so that we have a way to connect to it and use it for file transfer purposes. It disabled their DLNA Engine and we installed our own miniDLNA which was lighter in codes. 


Version 2, released in 2011, had a bit more projects and the start of our very own interface. It also incorporated EyeFi Server which makes the drive extremely useful for photographers.  There were several Version 2 that got released between 2011 and 2012.


In late 2012, the team released Version 3 which included Dropbox integration. This was also how Seagate started with their Dropbox integration project at a later stage. iTunes Server (DAAP) was also included in Version 3 along with Shell Script support for the more techie audience. 


Version 4 was first released in late 2013 with many build versions released over the every few months to support newer hardware released by Seagate / Lacie. Projects such as BTSync and Kiwix. The current latest build will support Seagate's Wireless Plus, Wireless Plus (USB) and Lacie Fuel. The original Seagate GoFlex Satellite hardware was dropped off our supported list in May 2014 as the hardware was too old to support some of the newer software projects. 


Because of the ever changing software firmware from Seagate attempting to bring new features to their hardware, and their consistent effort to shut us down, the team was challenged to find better ways to serve our supporters. In 2015, the team got back to the drawing board to find ways of improving our time to release support whenever Seagate update theirs. The CORE Add-Ons were then borned. With the Core Add-Ons, regardless of what Seagate Firmware was, users would continue to be able to use their factory firmware, software and their interface. Our Core Add-Ons will include the core functaionality to expand the drive's capabilities such as SFTP, FTP, SSH and also BTSync. SMB and WebDAV Functionality, Dropbox and Google Drive integration will then be provided by Seagate's own interface. The new Core Add-Ons has been tested to work on the Seagate Wireless Plus (USM), Wireless Plus (USB3), Lacie Fuel and the latest Seagate Wireless (2015 Color Models). 


From here, we will continue to work on developement of Version 5 for our supporters who needed more than what the Core can provide.


In Nov 2015, We also announced our support for the well designed Western Digital MyPassport Wireless as an add-on to the wonderful software that they have already worked on. 


We hope you enjoy our work and continue to support us. By now, there has been more than a dozen wireless drive solutions from almost every storage manufacturer out there. Our efforts will continue on Seagate and Lacie's solutions due to its global reach of hardware availability and where it has gotten us today. The Domain name remains based on the first version of the Seagate Wireless Drive.. The Satellite. We've also gotten a new Domain Name of as we explore more new hardware out there in the market.




Thank You.


Team HackGFS

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