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Light Interface V4


The Team is committed in bringing out the Best of what the Seagate and Lacie Wireless Drives are capable of. We primarily would support the partition scheme where the drives were shipped with. 


Supported Models : 

  • 1AYBA1 : Seagate GoFlex Satellite (GFS)

  • 1AYBA2 : Seagate Wireless Plus with USM Connector (W+)

  • 1AYBA3 : Lacie Fuel (fuel)

  • 1AYBA4 : Seagate Wireless Plus with USB 3 Connector only (wplus)

  • 1AYBA5 : Seagate Wireless 2015 (Colorful Models)


Minimum Firmware Requirement on Supported Builds :


Model                        Supported Factory        Version 4


1AYBA1                                    Build 205 


1AYBA2                                    Build 205


1AYBA3                                    Build 276


1AYBA4                                    Build 276


1AYBA5                                    Build 276



  • Dropbox Support. This is something that we are incredibly proud of because the team implemented this before Seagate even had it. And when we inspected Seagate's new codes, they had referenced our codes in their recent implementation. 

  • iTunes Server. Have you ever wished that iTunes on your PC/Mac would be able to access to the thousands of songs that you can now carry with you on your Wireless Drive ? With MT-DAAP Support, this is now possible. 

  • Kiwix Project. Taken off the project from Kiwix, it will enable the possibilities of you bringing the entire Wikipedia with you on the move. Kiwix is an offline content reader which can be used for WikiLeaks, WikiSource, WikiVoyage etc. It is a lightweight software reading ZIM files which you can download and store on the Wireless Drive.

  • Custom Shell Scipts and Cron Job support for all you advanced geeks out there.

  • Customizable Hostname support. We create a hostname based on your wireless drive SSID (You can change that yourself as well) so that when you can connect to your drive using the hostname such as plus.local. In the standard factory firmware, in order to access the wireless drive, even though it is connected to your WiFi at home, you will need to connect to the drive's WiFi and then get routed to the internet. This can be frustrating because your WiFi at home is more likely to have a faster WiFi standard than the Wireless Drive. Why should you sacrafice your other internet dependent services by routing via the Wireless Drive ? What happens to your Desktop computer which may not have a Wireless Network and need to access the Wireless Drive  ? Do you know what is the IP Address of the Wireless Drive after it has joined your network ?  Hostname support is extremely important as you do not need to connect ot the Wireless Drive to route your traffic anymore. 

  • Fire Wall is built into our mod makes your drive invisible and non accessible by other users on the same network. This is especially useful if you are connecting your drive in your office or public free wifi area. You access the drive directly by joining the WiFi from the Wireless Drive. 

  • Full Drive Encryption (FDE) would ensure that your drive is fully encrypted even if it's stolen or physically accessed. Note that the default shipping drive is not FDE enabled. So a drive forensics or data recovery vendor could still extract data out from your FDE enabled Firmware. For complete unrecoverable drive, swap out the default drive with a FDE supported drive.

  • BTSync support. This is based off's package. Having the possibilities of syncing automatically with your NAS at home or with all your devices. BTSync is supported on Windows, Macs and Linux for Desktop. It also supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire on the Mobile. Other popular NAS support includes Synology, WD, QNAP, NetGear, Drobo, asustor, snapserver. The possibilities of getting all the devices in sync is now available on the Wireless Drive on Seagate and Lacie. Possible scenarios of usage includes syncing your camera roll to the Wireless Drive. When there's internet connection, your Wireless Drive automatically syncs it with your NAS at home or to another Wireless Drive that you have connected in another remote location across the globe. You could even designate which folders you want to share out to others as well around the globe. You could even have a backup of everything using's offering of unlimited cloud storage capability. 

  • Transparent Proxy Support for those areas with slower internet connectivity. This will help cache some of your webpages so access via the Wireless Drive for internet may be faster. This is based off Polipo Project

  • EyeFi Server project is available with credits to for writing the codes. Photographers with EyeFi Pro X2 can make use of it's ability to upload straight into the Wireless Drive into a designated folder. Other users connected to the Wireless Drive may also view the photos as they get uploaded into the drive. 

  • RAW File Formats supported in thumbnail generation that greatly helps in a photographer's workflow. List of RAW Formats supported via DCRAW

  • Remembering a sequence of known WiFi support allows you to roam between various locations and the Wireless Drive would automatically join that known WiFi Network in the order defined. This feature is not the same as the standard factory firmware or core upgrade. 

  • Web Based Audio and Photo Player allows customizable playlist for audio and photos.

  • Authentication can be setup for setup page of even accessing of general interface. Page can be secured(https) or unsecured (http)

  • Create, Delete and Edit Folder via our web interface. In the standard seagate interface, you cannot do so.

  • Authenticated SMB and WebDAV Support for 1 user defined ID and password for access to drive. Standard seagate interface has no username or password and is free for all to access. Guest Access is also restricted to Public Folder only.

  • Thumbnail Generation support for Apple iWork Files, PDFs and Most video Files including AVI, MP4, M4V, MKV, RMVB, MOV and WMV.

  • Encrypt individual files using 3keyTripleDES via our interface. This is supported on small document files. Not supported for video files.

  • FTP, SFTP connectivity. With FTP and SFTP support, your favourite app that only supports such connectivity can start the connection to your Wireless Drive. 

  • SecureShell (SSH) connectivity. The geeks would love the capability to perform a SSH session into the Wireless Drive.


Not to forget this is what you won't get when you use our firmware : 


  • You cannot use the Seagate App or interface. We have our own.

  • There is no Google Drive Integration.



Convinced on our Light interface? 

FAQ : 


Q : Which version of the Seagate / Lacie firmware must I be on before I can upgrade to light Interface ? 


A : Scroll to the top. The supported factory version must be the same before it will work. This means if Seagate releases a new firmware, you will not be able to apply our mod on your drive that is unmod. Let the team know so that we can grab the new firmware from Seagate and release a new build. This process takes about 1-2 weeks.


Q : I have more than 1 drive. Do I buy just 1 copy ? 


A : Yes. If all these drives belongs to you, you only need to buy 1 copy and have it on all your drives. However, if this drive belongs to an institution, you should then buy 1 copy for each drive your institution is going to use. The Team believes in fairplay and we hope you respect that as well. 

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