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Find out about the features of this firmware via here.


This build is meant for Seagate/Lacie users of models : 

1AYBA1 - Seagate GoFlex Satellite
1AYBA2 - Seagate Wireless Plus with detachable connector

If your firmware is NEWER than the above listed ones, please download the following to restore them back to the required version : 

a) Place our patched firmware for your device via USB.

b) Disconnect from USB and then power on and leave it for 5 minutes. 

c) After the 5 minutes is completed, poke the reset hole and hole for 5 seconds.

d) Force Power Off your unit by pressing the power on button and hold for 5-10 seconds. Wait for 2 minutes or listen close to your drive to make sure your drive is no longer spinning. 

e) Wait for another 30 seconds.

f) Power on your unit. 

g) Search for your Wifi of the Wireless Drive and connect to it.

h) You can now perform our mod.


Here are the patched firmware files: 

GoFlex Satellite 1AYBA1 - You should be on No patch required. 

Wireless Plus (1AYBA2)


The default SSID after the modification is "plus" or "gfs"
The default Password after the modification is "1234567890"

You can learn how to change your SSID & Password by referring to our settings page help.

If you do not have access to YouTube or do not wish to watch it, here's the plain short and simple instructions : 

1) Make sure you restore your device to the original Seagate Firmware version 
2) Download, mount the ISO file and copy the 2 files ( and seagate_mod.tar.gz) into the root directly of the HDD via USB.
3) Disconnect the USB Completely and close the Cover. Power Up the unit. Join the WiFi of your Wireless Drive
4) Use the command prompt or terminal. Type the following commands.
5) Telnet into the unit "telnet" (Note : If you are not on, you are on the wrong version of seagate firmware. DO NOT PROCEED)
ID is "root" PWD is "goflex"
6) Change Directory to /static/Data/1 "cd /static/Data/1" (Note the s in small caps while D in Capital D and numeric 1. There is a space after cd)
7) Run the installer "./" (Note that there is no spaces in between)
8) You will need to interact with the installer by saying y , then press enter to start the installation.



All support is done via email to



Light Interface V4 for 1AYBA1&BA2

  • MD5 for the ZIP File is 5f5e447ea8afc24e57cd5c7f48b754b7

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