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Compare the features of the SeagateV4 & WDV4

Don't know exactly what does each package offers? Is the factory firmware good enough for you already? Maybe you just need to know what's out there...

WD LIV4 is something we are starting to support the WD users and adding some additional features.


Our full featured, designed from ground up firmware at USD35 with many features that Seagate is unable to provide. 

Use of Native App


SMB Connectivity

WebDAV Connectivity

FTP Connectivity

SFTP Connectivity

SecureShell (SSH)

Join Existing WiFi Network

Setting a sequence of known WiFi

network to join at boot

DropBox Integration

Google Drive Integration

Advanced Features

iTunes Server

Kiwix Project

Custom Shell Scripts

Hostname Support


Cron Job Support

Full Drive Encryption

Password Protection of Settings Page

Thumbnail Generation of Apple iWork Files

BTSync Support

Transparent Proxy

Web Based Player

For Photographers

Individual File Encryption


RAW Image Thumbnail Generation

EyeFi Server

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