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Our Best work so far for the Best WiFi Drive in the market today. 


Find out about the features of this firmware via here


This build is meant for WD Wireless Pro users Model E6B 2TB/3TB/4TB version running on Firmware 1.04.17 (tested) Newer Firmware versions not tested but it should generally work. If not, downgrading back to 1.01.11 is allowed by WD.The Firmware downgrade file is available via here


Version 4 requires a FULL install. Please check out our video tutorial published on YouTube
For Mac :
For Windows :

Quick Summary Steps : 
Step 1 : Reset to Factory Settings
Step 2 : Turn on SSH
Step 3 : SSH into unit ssh root@mypassport.local Password of welc0me
Step 4 : Navigate to /DataVolume/setup 
Step 5 : Execute 
Step 6 : Reboot Unit via WD Interface
Step 7 : Go to https://mypassport.local:8810 via web interface and explore.


All support is done via email to


MD5 Checksum for the download product is 040dfc43cd31806e7556bd33272bc0b2

Light Interface V4 for WD Wireless Pro

  • This ZIP File includes our mod in .ISO as well as the Original Factory Firmware 1.01.11 from Western Digital. 


    MD5 Checksum for this file is ebc7c60e879d7522e83d605b775c262d



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